The Ingemarsson brothers

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THE INGEMARSSON BROTHERS We are the brothers Ingemarsson. Two fairly common farm-grown boys that have been involved in bird breeding and managing Bjärefågel for over 25 years. When we grew up in the 1970s on our parents' farm outside Torekov, we raised pigs, among other things. The animals received all the…

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European Chicken Commitment

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The European Chicken Commitment For us, at Bjärefågel, it is important to constantly work on improving the conditions for our chickens. If we see an opportunity for positive change for the chickens, then we make a change. As a step in this, we base our goals on The European Chicken…

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SVENSKT SIGILL CLIMATE CERTIFICATION In 2017, Bjärefågel became the first and still only chicken breeder, climate certified by the Svenskt Sigill (a Swedish organization that promotes quality, animal health, and sustainability). This certification means that we utilize nature’s resources efficiently. We do this by closing the cycle between production and…

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ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED Sustainable chicken breeding since 1997 – that is how we at Bjärefågels has worked ever since the companys inception. The well-being of the chickens has always been a priority and there is an endeavor to have as little climate impact as possible.In Sweden, as a member of the…

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Cooking tips

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BREAST, THIGH FILLET, THIGH, DRUMSTICK, LEG, WING, DRUMETTE Add spices to your Bjäre Chicken. Place the chicken in the oven in an oven dish or on a owen rack with a deep pan underneath and cook until done. See the oven temperature in the chart. Take the chicken out of…

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Sustainable Chicken Breeding Since 1997 Bjäre Chickens grow slowly with plenty of space to move. They are raised on a vegetable feed based on maize andlocally grown grain, free from GMOs and coccidiostats.That's the way we like it FamILY & Cape BJÄRE More than 20 years ago, Per-Olof and Martin…

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Organic chicken? No thanks!

Organic chicken? No thanks! Our chicken is not organic or certified by KRAV (the organisation that regulates and certifies organic produce in Sweden). We don’t want it to be. Instead, we have chosen another route that we consider to be more ecologically sustainable.  If we were raising organic chicken, we…

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Contact us

Want to get in touch with us? Contact information Bjärefågel i Torekow ABSlättarödsvägen 225 ● 269 95 Båstad ● SwedenPhone: +46 (0)431-36 42 58 ● E-mail: We work here Per-Olof IngemarssonCEO ● KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER ● OWNER Phone: +46 (0)431-49 92 50 Mobile: +46 (0)706-46 19 22 E-mail: Martin IngemarssonMAINTENANCE MAnager ● OWNER…

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Slowgrowing chicken

Our chicken - Ranger GOLD Bjärefågel was looking for an opportunity to breed a more slowly growing chicken for a long time. We believe that a chicken that is allowed to grow a little slower – at its own pace – will have better health. At the year-end 2014/2015, we…

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OUR FEED Maize, legumes, cereals, grass, soy, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are what the Bjäre Chickens eat. The feed is completely vegetable and free of additives. We can guarantee that there is no fish meal, meat meal, coccidiostats (a type of antibiotics used only for animals), or GMOs in…

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Chickens raised on maize are juicy with supreme taste. When you let the chickens grow at their own pace, the meat becomes tender, without any additives. On Bjärefagel’s products, you will never see contents as brine added or descriptions as tenderized chicken. Our chickens are naturally tasty.When you buy Bjäre…

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