Plenty of space

When we started breeding chicken, we were told that the chickens did not need space to run freely. “Chickens live where you put them down, they don’t need a lot of space,” said the expert. Then we painted a blue spot on the back of a chicken so we could recognize it. We put it down in the stable to see what it did… It did not stand still! No, chickens like to run around and need plenty of space!

Therefore, our chickens have plenty of room to move around in the chicken stables. The standard in Europe is about 42 kg of chicken per square meter. In Sweden, as a member of the Swedish Bird Association, you can breed 36 kg of  chicken per square meter.


We go further – we halve the number of chickens in our stables! Thus, the Bjäre Chickens gets twice as much space to move around as an ordinary Swedish chicken. Thanks to our low occupation in the stables, ca 18 kg kg of chicken per square meterwe do not need to give our birds coccidiostats (a type of antibiotics used only for animals). Our chickens do not receive antibiotics of any type. Bjäre Chickens stay naturally healthy.

Our goal is to deliver the tastiest chicken. Experience has taught us that chickens that have more space, have more taste. 

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We breed many of the Bjäre Chickens ourselves, but we also employ local breeders who work just like us. To become a breeder of Bjäre Chickens, one must not only keep the chickens in small herds, but it is also not enough to give them plenty of space and free access to feed and water. We also want the breeders to be nearby, for long transport is neither good for the chickens nor the environment. The maximum transport distance for the Bjäre Chickens is 100 kilometers.

When you make such demands on the breeders you limit yourself quite sharply, but that is fine with us. We are happy with the size of our operation today. 

We do not want any large chicken factories. We do not want to be much bigger. We want to continue to deliver exactly what we do today, the best chicken we know.

Malin Sivertsson AT Olastorp

In the middle of the potato farms at the Bjäre peninsula is the Olastorp farm. Here Malin and Daniel live with their four children. At the farm, there are not only chickens but also lots of potatoes. A lot of them become potato chips, sold in their farm shop. It was Malin's father-in-law who started with chicken breeding, but Malin continued. She liked Bjärefagel's concept and think it is a good complement to the farm. Today they have a chicken stable of their own at Olastorp and the whole family is involved in supervision and care.

Kristoffer Turesson
AT Bölse Gård

Kristoffer is a young guy with farming in his veins. It was his grandfather who once founded the farm and Kristoffer manages it well. The farm has been breeding chickens for over twenty years and, in addition to the chickens, has both a machine station and contracting operations. There is also a popular farm shop run by Kristoffer's sister Janette. Of course, you will find Bjäre Chicken at Gårdsbutik Thuresson.

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