At the family company Bjärefågel in Torekow AB we are passionate about breeding Sweden’s best chicken. That is why we work actively with ethical animal husbandry and sustainability. Bjäre Chicken is Sweden’s only climate-certified chicken, which means that we have reduced our climate impact by 20-25 percent. Our breeders undergo independent certification through both Svensk Fågel (The Swedish Bird Association) and Svenskt Sigill (a Swedish organization that promotes quality, animal health, and sustainability). We are controlled by an external third party. 

Twice as much space per chicken

In Sweden, there are rules for how many chickens per square meter is allowed in the poultry house. We go further – we halve the number! Thus, Bjäre Chickens get twice as much space as ordinary Swedish chickens.

Quality feed based on locally grown GRAIN AND MAIZE

The vegetable feed contains maize, legumes, cereals, soy, vitamins, and minerals. It does not contain GMOs, antibiotics, or any type of antibiotics used only for animals. Our Bjäre Chickens are doing really well on this feed.

Slow growth and gentle handling

Our Ranger Gold chickens grow slowly and have good health. Chicken that grows at its own pace feels well. We always lift our birds gently with two hands around the body and wings, to avoid injury and stress.

Breeding on small family farms

Bjäre chickens are bred by us at Bjärefågel, as well as by carefully controlled breeders on and around the Bjäre peninsula. We want the breeders to be as close as possible to Bjärefågel to reduce transport distances.

What’s the difference between chicken and

Bjäre Chicken?

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