Our chicken - Ranger GOLD

Bjärefågel was looking for an opportunity to breed a more slowly growing chicken for a long time. We believe that a chicken that is allowed to grow a little slower – at its own pace – will have better health. At the year-end 2014/2015, we were involved in introducing the slow-growing Rowan Ranger chicken in Sweden.

Now we have taken another big step forward by breeding Ranger Gold. The new chicken is also slow-growing and has a very good record in terms of both animal welfare and food quality. We breed Ranger Gold chickens for 49-52 days



Ranger Gold is approved by several animal welfare organizations or certifications such as European Chicken Commitment, Better Life Label - Holland, Tierschutzlabel “Für Mehr Tierschutz” - Germany, RSPCA Assured - Great Britain, Bio-Unitalia - Italy, Bedre Dyrevelfaerd (3 Hearts) - Denmark.

Bjärefågel works with a focus on animal welfare and sustainability. By choosing to raise a chicken that is approved by several animal welfare organizations, we ensure that Ranger Gold is carefully vetted and meets our requirements.

Great reviews for Ranger Gold

Ranger Gold is a combination of a brown-feathered Ranger hen that has good reproduction and a Gold rooster that is very robust and has excellent bone and foot health. The result is a chicken that fits exceptionally well to the Bjäre Chicken concept’s focus on animal welfare and sustainability.

One of the tools we use to check the welfare of the chickens is the foot score. In each flock, our veterinary assistants assess the chickens' feet. A value of zero is the best result, while 200 is a bad result. The foot score for our flocks is usually zero or close to zero.

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