Organic chicken - no thanks!

Our chicken is not organic or certified by KRAV (the organisation that regulates and certifies organic produce in Sweden). We don’t want it to be. Instead, we have chosen another route that we consider to be more ecologically sustainable.  If we were raising organic chicken, we would need to use fishmeal in the starter feed for the birds to feel good. It contributes to over-fishing of the seas which is not ecologically sustainable. If we bred organic chicken, we would also have to import a lot of feed, which is also not environmentally sustainable. Today, we use almost exclusively locally farmed feed instead.

The Swedish climate is very varied. Except for a few summer months, the weather often changes very quickly between cold, rain, and wind. When the chickens go outside, their legs and feet get wet. The chickens bring back the moisture into the stable bedding, which easily becomes corrosive and damages the feet and legs of the birds. 

We don’t want that to happen. Our birds should have good foot health and they have that today.

With the outside also comes great risks for various infections, such as campylobacter and salmonella. We do not want to expose our customers to that. We have instead chosen to invest in a good indoor environment with twice as much space per bird, compared to what is required. Our flocks are small and our birds eat a completely vegetable GMO-free feed based on maize. We always handle the birds gently with two hands around the body and wings, so as not to risk them being injured. All of our breeders are located a maximum of 100 kilometers from our own slaughterhouse in Slättaröd close to Torekov, at the Bjäre peninsula. 

We think this is ecologically sustainable!

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