About us



We are the Ingemarsson brothers.

Two quite typical Swedish farmers who have been breeding chickens and running Bjärefågel for the past 20 years.

It started out as a hobby, selling mostly to friends and acquaintances. But our reputation for good chicken soon spread and demand grew. We were spurred on by the interest shown and so travelled to France to learn more about breeding chickens. We looked into every aspect, from hatching to feed, and decided to return back home to produce Sweden’s best chicken.

To succeed with this project we gathered a group of experts, everything from chefs to veterinarians and representatives of the allergy association. We put our heads together and took on the task of developing chicken that was even better than the French, but without compromising on the extremely strict demands for animal care we have in Sweden.

Bjäre chicken is today served by some of the country’s top restaurants and we can proudly say that we are the only poultry producer allowed to mark its produce with Svenskt Sigill (Swedish Seal of Quality). We are naturally very pleased, but not very surprised, because we know that chickens that have more space have more taste!

Per-Olof & Martin