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Chicken with more space, have more taste

Rowan Ranger, 0 dagar
They eat corn, legumes, cereals, grass, soy,
vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Nothing else.
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The potato farmers have remodelled their old
pigpens into modern, higher-welfare poultry sheds.


Welcome to our store
at the indoor market in Lund!

Juni 2013 Grillad hel Bjärekyckling med ljummen potatissallad slider

Chicken that tastes good
in your heart.

Bjärefågel is located in Slättaröd, at the tip of the Bjäre peninsula, in southern Sweden. Our breeders are all located close, and the corn, which is the basis of our feed, is grown locally. The entire chain, from hatching to packaging, takes place here, on and around, the Bjäre peninsula.

Our objective is to supply the best chicken, and experience has taught us that chickens with more space have more taste. We therefore select our breeders with care and can proudly say that all our chickens are bred in small groups with lots of space and free access to feed and water.